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Robert M. Letteau (Los Angeles County Probate Court)

I am far from being the only victim of this arrogant and incompetent  judge – who was  publicly admonished by the California Commission on Judicial Performance in 2004. If the Judicial Council kept a list of “vexatious judges” (as they do of so-called … Continue reading

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Usury Laws

According to an excellent article in Harper’s Magazine (April 2009) – Infinite Debt by Thomas Geoghegan – the key to our current financial meltdown and economic crisis can be summed up in one word: USURY. Most analyses of the economic … Continue reading

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SEC Day Trading Regulations

The following self-explanatory email correspondance is between myself and the SEC regarding the SEC web page at The SEC makes the presumption (which I think is not correct) that day trading stocks is inherently riskier than actually “investing” in … Continue reading

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The Unnatural Nature of the Spendthrift Trust

[First published 2005 – republished Dec 8 2014] American trust law should be reformed.  The “trust” constitutes a form of property ownership which is antithetical to American concepts of private property.  The goals of the trust for the most part can … Continue reading

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Comment regarding Proposed Fed.R.App.Proc. 32.1

[First published Mar 2, 2004 – republished here Dec 8, 2014] This is a comment sent by email to the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States, regarding Proposed Fed.R.App.Proc. 32.1 (which would … Continue reading

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Kozinski-itis: Hypocrisy in the Unpublished Opinions Controversy

FRAP[First published Oct 16, 2003 (before FEDERAL RULE OF APPELLATE PROCEDURE 32.1) – republished here Dec 8, 2014] The 9th Circuit’s non-publication rule (Circuit Rule 36-3) undermines the Doctrine of Precedent –  the very foundation of Anglo-American law.  In a published … Continue reading

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What is “Free Use” of US Government Depository Library Publications?

“Depository libraries shall make Government publications available for the free use of the general public, . . .”  (44 US Code Sec. 1911).   Private law school libraries receive many thousands of dollars worth of publications for free – at … Continue reading

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